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How to Value a Car When Selling It: A Comprehensive Guide

How do I sell my car online today? Where is the best place to sell my car near me? How do I get the most cash for cars in Los Angeles? If you’re ready to sell your old, unwanted vehicle, you likely have a ton of questions on how to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

However, if you’re unable to understand the value of your car before turning to a dealership or car for cash company, you might receive a low-ball offer, which can impact how much you walk away with. So how do car dealerships determine the amount of money they’re willing to offer you? In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to find the value of your car before you trade in your vehicle.

How To Find The Value of Your Used Car:

While you can get an estimate from online sources like the Kelley Blue Book, they won’t paint the full picture of your trade-in value. Instead, you’ll want to understand what factors determine the value of your car, such as:

  • Age: Your car’s age plays a significant role in how much you can sell cars for. The older your vehicle is, the less money they’re going to offer
  • Condition: If your car is still in good shape, companies will offer more money than if there are scratches or dents on the exterior and interior. If there are minor issues, it may cost you more to fix them instead of trading them in as-is.
  • Mileage: The amount of mileage you put on your car can significantly affect how much you’ll get paid for your used car. The standard mileage per year on your vehicle should range between 12,000-15,000 per year.

The best used car value comes from a newer, more popular make and model of car that ultimately sell soon as they arrive. If you keep your vehicle in good condition, free of damages, and perform regular maintenance on your car, you have the best opportunity to make the most from your used car.

How Can I Sell My Car Online Today?

Once you’ve done the research necessary to understand what your car is worth, it’s time to contact certified professionals. You’ll want to only choose licensed professionals in the automotive industry who can accurately value your car’s trade-in worth down to the last detail. 

If you want to sell your car online quickly, you’ll want to search for a cash for cars Los Angeles buyers company, like Cali Car Buyers, who can come to you, instantly value your used car remotely, in-person, or even via text/SMS messaging, and offer to give you a check or cash on the spot! While you can also choose to sell online through dealerships or private selling, you won’t score the best deal. Plus, you might need to wait weeks before you’re able to officially sell your car and receive your cash, depending on specific store policies or buyers who are interested in your car.

Where is the best place to sell my car near me?

If you want to find the value of your car on your own, we’ve outlined a few steps that will help. But, of course, if you don’t have time or are feeling overwhelmed with the process, contact us, and our experts can help you sell your car online today. At Cali Car Buyers, we empower you to make an informed decision about how much your vehicle is worth, offering you the most value for your car with little hassle.  Click here to get started with your cash offer today!

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