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Common Questions About Selling My Car

Because it’s the most simplest and stress-free method. Give us a call, and we do the rest. We truly understand the headache that comes with trying to get rid of your ride. We eliminate driving to multiple dealers to see what they offer, or being obligated to stay under one. And of course, meeting strangers and letting them test-drive is never a safe option. We buy your car and you get cash, it’s that simple.

Not a problem! We will evaluate the damages, and make an offer! Regardless of title conditions as well!

We will make an offer and then that offer is deducted from your overall pay-off amount. You are left with a significantly lower balance! Most times, the offer we make is enough to cover ALL of your current auto loan. Payment to you made is immediately, unless you prefer us to pay your bank first.

Why pay your registration fees if you want to get rid of your ride? We will deduct any DMV fees for your vehicle from the accepted offer amount!

We have the proper DMV paperwork needed to handle a missing title situation. However, you must possess either a title or DMV registration paperwork for us to purchase the vehicle unless agreed otherwise. 

You are welcome to do so! We encourage sellers to make the most efficient decision for their situation. However, doing private sales might not always be best decision. You have to invest your valuable time, allow private party test drives, submit the proper DMV paperwork, ensure you complete a proper transfer, etc. Work with us and all you have to do is count the cash. We come to you, wherever is most convenient, and deal with the rest. Very simple, easy, and concise process. 

Running or not, we will make an offer! However in some situations, we might not be able to purchase your vehicle but we can definitely recommend you to someone. There’s always a solution! 

Cash or a company check! Company Check will be given from U.S. Bank. It is totally up to you on what you prefer, either way you will be paid!

All cars, regardless of make or model, we will buy or help you sell! 

No where! We come to you! However we can help to simplify the process for you, we will try our best to accommodate!

We bring the paperwork, you sign! We also take care of the release of liability and you will get proof of sale and photocopies of all documents. 

Absolutely! We are licensed and bonded in the State of California! 

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