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Looking to sell your car in Los Angeles, California?  Cali Car Buyers is the best way to get cash for your car. We buy cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

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Sell Your Car For More Cash Today

Cali Car Buyers makes it super easy to sell your car in Los Angeles, California- all online. We buy all makes and models including cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

Sell Your Car From Home

Cali Car Buyers makes it so easy to get cash for your car right from home. Send us the details, receive an offer. It’s that easy to get cash for your car.

We Do The Papework

From paying your bank to taking care of DMV transfer paperwork- we take care of it all. Safe and secure DMV transfers done instantly. 

Save Time- We Pick Up

No driving, no waiting- free appraisals and free pick up. Cali Car Buyers takes care of all logistics so you do not have to. 

Paid Same Day

Unlike our competitors, we use our own funds to buy your car. That means no waiting around fora check to come in the mail. 


If you recently moved to California and have an out-of-state title, we will still buy your vehicle for cash!

Lost Title

We are well-equipped to purchase your lost California title vehicle! Let us know, duplicate title fees will be applied. Please reach out for more information.

Selling Your Car For Cash Today

Get Cash For Cars Fast Los Angeles!

Cali Car Buyers has been a reputable car buyer for over 5 years since 2017. We’ve purchased thousands of vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, & SUVs and pride ourselves in maintaining a strong positive reputation focused around you- the seller & our customer.

Sell A Used Car For Top Value

Get Cash For Cars in 3 Steps


Send Us The Details Of Your Car

We need to know the details of your used car. Once we receive the information, we’ll send you the valuation offer for your vehicle.


Schedule A Pick Up

We take care of logistics and payment. We bring the paperwork, pay you in certified funds, and pick up the vehicle for free. 


Get Paid

Count your cash, deposit your checks, wait for the ACH or wire transfer to hit your account. It’s really that simple to sell your car for fast cash from anywhere to Cali Car Buyers in Los Angeles. 

Our happy customers

We Purchased Thousands Of Cars

and continue to do so. Over 5 years of professionally, safely, and securely purchasing vehicles.


Sold Tesla Vehicle


“These guys are great. Honest, quick, and easy. They do what they say they’re going to do and made it very simple and easy for me. I’d highly recommend working with them. I worked with Mohammed and he was wonderful.”


Sold Toyota Prius


“Since after weeks of being on offerup and craigslist, I had multiple people waste my time with lowballing offers let alone strangers coming to my residents. I began the hunt on finding a credible business who would buy it. After coming across Cali Car Buyers, I emailed them with my car info and got a instant offer. Which in comparison to their competitors, I was very satisfied. They picked it up the next day and handled all the dmv paper work. Very Satisfied!!!”


Sold Mercedes-Benz


“I found Cali Car Buyers through a google search and even though I checked several others they were the number one on the list and now I see why. The entire process took less than 24 hours and Mohammed was more than fair with his offer for my car. He communicated every step of the way and made sure I was well informed on what to expect before/during/and after the sale. If I ever need to sell another car or have someone else that is I will definitely send them this way.”

Get The Best Value For Your Car Today

We purchased these vehicles and a lot more. Let us buy your car too!

Tesla Model X
We buy Tesla vehicles for cash!
Dodge Challenger
We buy Dodge and all related vehicles for cash!
Toyota Prius
We buy Toyota Prius and Hybrid Vehicles for cash!
Audi Q3
We buy all Audi vehicles for cash fast!
Nissan Rogue
We buy all Nissan vehicles. Get your value today!
Hyundai Elantra
We buy all Hyundai vehicles for cash fast and easy!
Dodge Ram
We buy Dodge vehicles and trucks for cash!
Chevrolet Malibu
We buy Chevrolet vehicles for fast cash in Los Angeles
BMW 328i
We specialize in BMW vehicles. Get your value for your BMW today!
Honda Accord
We buy all Honda vehicles for cash in Los Angeles.
Lexus RX
We buy all Lexus vehicles. Get your value and cash offer today!
Jeep Wrangler
We buy all Jeep vehicles and trucks for fast cash. Sell yours today!
Hyundai Santa Fe
We buy all SUVs including Hyundai Santa Fe for cash.
Honda CR-V
Get a free valuation for your Honda today.
Sell your Honda for fast cash in Los Angeles!
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Questions To Get Cash For My Car

Common questions and answers on how to sell your car for cash!

Simply fill out the form and a buyer will be in touch with you soon. Once an offer is accepted, we will schedule or follow up with next steps. If a lienholder needs to be paid, we will issue payoff directly to lender! We truly make it easy to get cash for your car in Los Angeles!

Pleaser reach out for further help. If your vehicle certificate of title is lost and your vehicle is California registered, we can purchase the vehicle! Out-of-state lost certificate of title is a case-by-case basis. 

At Cali Car Buyers, we utilize certified funds, cash, wire transfer, or ACH (Automated Clear House) for all payments. We respect our customers satisfaction and our process is sometimes too good to be true, so we even allow our customers to hold the vehicle while all funds clear. Your peace of mind and satisfaction is important to us!

Absolutely! Please contact us so we can gather more information. Cali Car Buyers does purchase vehicles that are currently wrecked or damaged and will be valued and appraised accordingly. 

Cali Car Buyers Locations Served in Los Angeles

Cali Car Buyers is a family owned and operated local used car buyer in Los Angeles, California. We primarily serve the greater Los Angeles area and the neighboring cities. We buy clean or salvage title used vehicles for cash in the following cities and the neighboring communities: 

What Makes Los Angeles County So Special?

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, and is known for being the hub of the automotive and entertainment industry. From Tech giants to innovative vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla Motors, the Golden State known as California has it all. Los Angeles is also known for its vibrant beaches and beautiful hiking and nature trails. Within minutes of driving, you can experience it all from the mountains to the water. Cali Car Buyers is proud to serve such an iconic city in the great state of California!

Los Angeles is very spread out, and historically residents have relied on their cars to get around. While LA is also known for having congested roads and high traffic, the city is building an expanding public transit system to tackle the problem, most Angelenos still love the feeling of jumping in their cars and going for a drive, especially on one of their many warm, sunny days. Sunny southern California and the Golden State has it all.

Los Angeles Diversity and Car Culture

LA’s diversity makes it a very fun city to visit, as there are so many amazing things to do. If you enjoy being outside, try taking a hike in Griffith Park or in the hills of Topanga Canyon. The Malibu beaches are also a very popular place to go surfing or just relax in the sunshine. Los Angeles also has an excellent array of museums to explore, including The Getty, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Broad Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and much more.

There are also many iconic streets where you can go for a stroll and take in the city’s incredible diversity, including Hollywood Boulevard, the Santa Monica Pier, and Rodeo Drive. No two areas of Los Angeles are alike, which is what makes it such an exciting place to visit or live.

Get Cash For Cars Los Angeles

Los Angeles California also has an exciting automotive culture. From the classic low-riders to the high-end luxury vehicles, the streets of Los Angeles are truly fully of car culture. From all walks of enthusiasts, the beautiful and exciting city of Los Angeles has so much to offer. At Cali Car Buyers, we truly know the value of your vehicle. We value all vehicles whether you have a modified vehicle, an every day commuter vehicle, a work truck, or a garage queen, we buy them all. 

We’ve been in the auto industry for over 10 years, and we service the entire Los Angeles area and hold a high positive reputation with excellent reviews. We pride ourselves in being the change to an overwhelming industry. You will not experience the typical used car experience with us. We make it super easy and simple to value your car and get cash for your car. See our positive customer experience reviews on Yelp or on Google.

Why pay money and take time to write an ad and have strangers test drive your car? We’ll give you a competitive offer for your vehicle, and we do all the work so you can relax and save your time. We provide free valuation for your vehicle. We make it super simple and easy to sell your car. And best of all, we pick up your vehicle. You can sell your car online by answering a few questions and enjoy a remote experience. Take your vehicle from “for sale” to “sold” today by getting your value and cash offer to sell your car with Cali Car Buyers. We are the best way to sell your car and we pay with certified funds. We are also licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California and the State of California. We know what it takes to buy your car for cash!

We buy more than just cars. We also buy Trucks, SUVs, and Electric-Vehicles also known as EV cars!

Get Cash Value For Cars Fast in Los Angeles

Just give us a call at 1-323-518-3870 or fill out the form on this page. We just need to ask you a few questions about your car, a few photos, and our car buyers make sure to stay current with this volatile used car prices for vehicles of all makes and models, so we want to know all the details to give you a great guaranteed offer.

Once you accept our offer, we’ll get right to work scheduling your pick up service. That’s right, we’ll pick up your used car, for free! In some cases, we can even schedule your pick up in less than 24 hours. Our buying team will show up on your scheduled pickup day and will hand over a check, cash, your equity, wire transfer, ACH, or pay off your lender for your guaranteed offer. No need to wait for long appraisals, travel to sell your car, random test-drives, etc. Let us handle all the paperwork and other details. You deserve to go celebrate selling your car.

Cali Car Buyers is the best way and friendliest way to sell your vehicle for cash. You will get paid same day! Give us a call, Los Angeles! We’re ready to give you the best value for your vehicle today. Submit a form to receive your free offer and value today!

Alternative Ways To Sell Your Car

Sell Your Used Car To A Dealership

The next option is to sell your used car to a dealership. Most, if not all, dealerships will purchase your used car. While most dealerships are looking for you to trade-in your car for a new one, dealerships like CarMax will purchase your car outright. However, there are many pros and cons with going with this option. Check out our blog for some more tips and information! Some options for dealerships are:

  • CarMax

  • Kelley Blue Book (KBB) using their cash offer tool

  • Autotrader

  • Carvana
And of course Cali Car Buyers.

Selling Your Car Privately

You always have the option to sell your car through a private party sale. When selling privately, the seller has to do all the leg-work that goes into selling the car. For information regarding that, check out our blog post where we discuss that right here. Here are some useful sites where you can sell your car: 

  • You can list your car and sell on craigslist.com, but as of April 15, 2019 Craigslist will charge $5 for vehicle posts. It seems to be reflecting major cities including Los Angeles, but it will possibly reflect all cities when selling your car privately.
  • You can also list using the “free” package on Cars.com that limits up to 5 photos of your used car.
  • You can also place ads on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Reach out to friends and families! Use your social networks to spread the word that your car is for sale. 

Also while you’re at it, give Cali Car Buyers a follow on Instagram. We’d appreciate the follow! 

Ready to Sell? Get The Best Cash Offer Today

Get the highest value for your vehicle today. The best used car buyer- we make it easy to get cash for cars!

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