Best Way To Sell Your Car

Los Angeles, CA

Easiest and Trusted Way To Sell A Car

Cali Car Buyers is a premier local used car buyer in Los Angeles, California. We primarily serve the greater Los Angeles area and neighboring cities. We buy clean or salvage title used vehicles for cash in some of these cities: 

How To Sell My Car Online

If you’re looking to sell your car fast for cash and online, it’s actually quite easy. There are multiple ways to conduct a sale of a vehicle, but Cali Car Buyers offers a fast and efficient way to do so. These are the other options:

Selling Your Car Privately

You always have the option to sell your car through a private party sale. When selling privately, the seller has to do all the leg-work that goes into selling the car. For information regarding that, check out our blog post where we discuss that right here. Here are some useful sites where you can sell your car: 

  • You can list your car and sell on, but as of April 15, 2019 Craigslist will charge $5 for vehicle posts. It seems to be reflecting major cities including Los Angeles, but it will possibly reflect all cities when selling your car privately.
  • You can also list using the “free” package on that limits up to 5 photos of your used car.
  • You can also place ads on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Reach out to friends and families! Use your social networks to spread the word that your car is for sale. 

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Selling Your Used Car To A Dealership

The next option is to sell your used car to a dealership. Most, if not all, dealerships will purchase your used car. While most dealerships are looking for you to trade-in your car for a new one, dealerships like CarMax will purchase your car outright. However, there are many pros and cons with going with this option. Check out our blog for some more tips and information! Some options for dealerships are:

  • CarMax

  • Kelley Blue Book (KBB) using their “Get An Offer” tool

  • Autotrader

And of course Cali Car Buyers.

Selling Your Car For Cash Now With Cali Car Buyers

When you ask yourself the following:

  • How to sell my car online?

  • Where to sell my car?

  • What is the best way to sell my car?

Then it is no surprise that Cali Car Buyers is the answer. We are a mobile service that comes to you to buy your car, but more importantly we are easy, fast, safe, and trusted. We have a quick and fast appraisal process with no secrecy. We offer a complete transparent solution to selling your used car in Los Angeles and we pay in cash (or company check). All our offers are clear and demonstrate how we determine the value of your car. We do not sell vehicles nor do we operate as a traditional dealer- our job is to do one thing: buy your car! Check out our “How It Works” to see how easy it is to sell your used car with Cali Car Buyers. 9/10 times we beat the Kelley Blue Book car value and CarMax offers! 

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