About Us

Who We Are

Cali Car Buyers was established 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to provide a solution for those who are looking to sell their car. We understand the hassle and stress that comes with private party sales, and we also understand how haggling with dealerships can also be a headache. Cali Car Buyers offers a very simple process when it comes to selling your car. We offer fair values, conduct a simple appraisal, and we pay you. The ease and simplicity along with a FREE vehicle pickup, friendly service, and a schedule that fits best for you makes us a great choice when selling your car. Cali Car Buyers has also partnered with TrueCar to ensure we provide our customers with a groundbreaking experience when selling your ride. Cali Car Buyers is an official True Cash Offer partner, these are some of the benefits of selling your used car to Cali Car Buyers:

  • Easier than trading-in your car

  • Less hassle than selling privately on Craigslist or any other classified listings

  • Safe and secure transaction from a trusted brand

  • California licensed, bonded, and insured automotive business 

  • Free vehicle pick-up

  • Transparency 

  • DMV vehicle transfer

Our Values

The TH Motors Wholesale | Cali Car Buyers team have values focused around the industry we are apart of and understand the social responsibility that comes with being in the automotive space. 

  • We are here to serve you. We value our customers but more importantly, our customer’s are the backbone of the service we provide. 

  • We value our reputation. We aim for the highest standard in service to maintain our high reputation and trustworthiness, and let’s be honest: reputation is needed in the autmotive industry, there are a lot of crooks out there. 

  • We ensure and value positive and thorough communication. We operate our business in complete transparency so that you, the seller and our customer, are completely in the loop from the moment you contact us. We work together and walk-through the entire DMV vehicle transfer process. To make the process easier, we have partnered with TrueCar to provide the most fair, accurate, and transparent offers that are highly competitive.

Our Mission

Cali Car Buyers is on the mission to redefine how to sell a used car in Los Angeles

We aim to achieve our mission by:

  • Ensuring a proper customer experience

  • Simplify a overly complicated industry

  • Honesty, transparency, and earning the trust of every customer. Backed by a high-positive reputation & our partners at TrueCar

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