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Why Sell My Car To Cali Car Buyers?

No headache, no nonsense, just a simple and easy vehicle selling experience. Cali Car Buyers buys cars for cash in Los Angeles. Our job is simple, to buy cars. We are the direct buyers, we make you a guaranteed payment offer, and we execute. Selling your car for a fair value should not be complicated, we buy your car quick, easy, and safely within 24 hours or less. We pride ourselves in our reputation, and always aim to do honest business when buying car for cash in Los Angeles.

We use Industry-Leading Appraisal Technology which means we are just as capable and much more competitive than the big dealerships. 

We do all the work so you do not have too. No private party listing, no consignments, selling your car to Cali Car Buyers is the fastest and best way to get cash for your car.

Sell To An Actual DMV licensed business – we take care of all steps including properly and DMV compliantly buying your car for cash.

More Value Than Dealerships - Easier Than Private Party

Happy Sellers - A Trustworthy Car Buyer

Have an offer from another dealer? We’ll try to beat it!

"I got lowballed at the Mercedes dealer and Carmax to sell my beautiful S550 Mercedes. Cali Car Buyers put a very fair competitive price on my car and came and got it right from my office."
Ian - Mercedes Benz S550
"...I’ve sold several cars over the years and referred my friends to buyers I’ve worked with, but based on the ease of transaction, the fact that he comes to you, a fair valuation and quick action, Cali Car Buyers are my new favorite company to work with..."
Darren - Acura TL
"[Cali Car Buyers] made this the smoothest and easiest experience selling our Tesla. He offered us more than what we were offered by others, and he made things so simple for us by doing all of the paperwork, working with the DMV, and paying off our loan."
Meghan - Tesla Model 3

*Must be an appraised and verifiable competing offer with no special clauses. Not an estimated or quoted competing dealer offer.

Where To Sell A Car For The Best Value?

Selling your car for cash to Cali Car Buyers is the best way to get the top value. The dealership will undervalue your car and the private market is a headache. Sell your car with peace of mind with a guaranteed payment, without ever leaving your home – That’s the Cali Car Buyers way

Join the hundreds of people in Los Angeles who sold us their car!

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling My Car

Cali Car Buyers makes it easy to sell your car in Los Angeles. Simple fill out the form, send us a few photos, and we’ll give you a no-haggle guaranteed offer. Once accepted, we come out, pick up the vehicle, take care of all DMV paperwork, and pay you! Cali Car Buyers makes it super easy to sell your car online and fast!

Yes you sell your car for cash even if you owe money on it. Cali Car Buyers works with most major banks and auto lenders, and we take care of the entire process when selling your financed car for cash in Los Angeles.

Yes, you can sell your leased vehicle! Please reach out to Cali Car Buyers so we can discuss your options selling your leased vehicle.

Cali Car Buyers will compete with any appraised and inspected written dealer offers. We are very competitive and want to buy your car in Los Angeles!

When you sell your car, you must notify the DMV. When selling your car to Cali Car Buyers, we take care of the entire car selling process and walk you through everything.

Cali Car Buyers uses all industry leading appraisal tools and softwares so we know the exact offer to provide to be highly competitive. Since KBB offers are only estimates, our actual payout are more valuable than an estimated Kelley Blue Book value. We use the most current up-to-date market data to make a competitive offer, which tends to be higher than an automated computer generated KBB offer.

When selling your car, you have 3 options. Selling privately and dealing with crime, fraud, scams, and potentially longer selling time and unserious buyers. Your next option is selling to a dealership but then you will be challenged with old-school lowball negotiations from dealerships. The best option too sell your car for the best value is selling to Cali Car Buyers because as car buying professionals for over a decade and in business in a very competitive market, Cali Car Buyers knows how to buy your car for cash and make it easy to sell your car in Los Angeles.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to sell your car online to private buyers and sketchy companies alike, that are not DMV approved or have the best-interest in mind. Selling your car without doing ample research comes with risks, including personal safety, fraud, and loss of money and time.

The best way to sell your car safely online is by working with a well-known, trusted company like Cali Car Buyers. Ensuring your safety and comfort is important to us, which is why we’ll meet you at a time and place determined by you to complete the transaction in Los Angeles. We are also a California licensed business by the State, County, and City.

If you do choose to sell privately, or with a lesser-known company, employ the following precautions to ensure your safety:

  • Meet in public
  • Remove personal items from the vehicle
  • Have paperwork ready
  • Establish a test drive route
  • Complete the transaction at DMV

Often times, it is not worth to sell your car privately when companies like Cali Car Buyers will pay you more or the same offer as you would get selling privately. Selling your car privately is not always the best option as fraud, theft, and other scams and crimes are a high option to occur. If you want to sell your car for cash in Los Angeles, see why Cali Car Buyers has earned the trust of many private sellers in Los Angeles when they were selling their car.

Where Does Cali Car Buyers Buy My Car For Cash?

Cali Car Buyers makes it easy to sell your car for cash in all major cities of Los Angeles. Please see all areas we serve when you are searching to sell your car online.


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